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We do more than just making websites.​ Here at Alfabolt, we make sure your web apps deliver on your company's value proposition to its customer base. Our work is top-notch (If you don’t mind us saying so ourselves), and with a little coding here and there, your business will be too!

With the ever evolving age of technological convenience and innovation, mobile applications have become extremely important given that they provide an instant link with an array of consumers. Visual tone and user interface of any app is vital to its success, because if it isn’t making your life easier, it doesn’t deserve your time anyway! We’re here so that your app passes with flying colors once it hits the app stores.

Want someone to help you keep an eye on things? You’ve come to the right place. This field focuses on making informed decisions under the umbrella of artificial intelligence. These decisions are often associated with visual cues, just as the human eye might allow an individual. This allows technological convenience in routine tasks, spanning the likes of self-driving cars, motion detectors and augmented reality amongst many others.
Such technology seeks to see, define, process and analyze image data in order to function for various technologies and projects.

You’ve seen I, Robot, right? Let's tell you how that works in real life. AI uses extensive research in order to understand and make attempts at engineering machinery which demonstrates intelligence, often mimicking the type of intelligence which is displayed by humans. It is thought to be a highly evolved part of the technology circuit, given its components of self-learning algorithms, perception and problem solving elements.